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Introducing: Melodic Intersect

Melodic Intersect is an ongoing music project that brings together a diversity of musical styles, cultures,and disciplines. It features collaborations from a rotating ensemble of talented musicians thoughtfully integrating rhythm and melody from genres such as Jazz, North Indian Classical, Rock, Eastern and Western Folk, and many more.

Melodic Intersect has just released two new albums: Inner Vision and Global Vision. Click the album art to view in iTunes.




Enayet Hossain - Tabla (Founder)
Hans Utter - Guitar (Founder)
Greg Hatza - Keyboard
Tarun Bhattacharya - Santoor
Hidayat Khan - Sitar
Shakir Khan - Sitar
Avirodh Sharma - Percussion
Saleiman Azizi - Tabla
Nabeel Riaz - Tabla
Humayoon Popal - Harmonium / Vocals
Mahroof Sharif - Keyboard
Indradeep Ghosh - Violin


Production credits:

Inner Vision
Producer: Enayet Hossain

Global Vision
Producers: Enayet Hossain, Hans Utter, Miskut Wiggins
Assistant Producer: Mathew Poovan
Sound Engineer: Miskut Wiggins

For more information visit the Melodic Intersect website and follow on Facebook here.


Ustad Shahid Parvez - Live In Concert DVD released!

This DVD offers more than 76 minutes of live concert footage, with chapters dividing each section of the Raga for easy navigation. This DVD also features an educational video featurette which explains the meaning of the different terms used in Indian Classical music. The featurette takes the viewer through actual portions of the performance and defines phrases such as Jod, Jhala, and Teental in terms of their relevance to the music being performed, such as Jod being the connecting portion in Aalap between the rhythmic and non rhythmic portions.

Raga: Bihag (Alap, Jor Jhala) & (Gat in Vilambit and Drut Teental)



Shahid Parvez - Rare Moments Released!

We are proud to relase Rare Moments, an album of unrecorded ragas by Ustad Shahid Parvez, one of the top sitarists of present times. Accompanied by Enayet Hossain on the Tabla, Shahid does justice to each and every raga he has presented on this album. We hope you will enjoy it!

[1] Raga Kamod
[2] Raga Mishra Maloo
[3] Raga Durga
[4] Raga Jogeshri
[5] Dhun in Mishra Bhairavi

Producer: Enayet Hossain
Assistant Producer: Mathew Poovan
Audio Engineer: Mathew Poovan


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Article about the Annual Indian Music and Dance Competition

Here is a very nicely written article by Sam Prasad Jillella about our annual music and dance competition!



30th Annual Indian Music & Dance Competition

 The 30th Annual Indian Music & Dance Competition 2013 is held on Thanksgiving weekend (November 29, 30, and Dec 1st)
Registration is now open!
 University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
 Fine Arts Recital Hall
1000 Hilltop Circle
Catonsville, MD 21250


Welcome to the Annual Indian Music and Dance competition! This annual two-day long competition has been successfully run for the past 29 years, and is one of the largest competitions of its kind outside of India! The competition has drawn competitors and fans from all throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe. Though it is technically a competition, you will find an atmosphere of comraderie, learning, and support from a great number of music students, their families, and music lovers! For more information about the competition, the events, the rules, and more, please visit or click the competition banner above. See you there!
Schedule of Events

Friday - November 29, 2013 (7:30pm)

Saturday - Novemeber 30, 2013
Sunday - December 1, 2013