Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan

Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan has musical blue blood in his veins for generation. A direct descendent of the family of the great Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and the much legendary Sartaj Mousiqui Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan who were the founders of the famous Kirana Gharana. Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan is the son of Padmasri Ustad Shakoor Khan, the great Sarangi-Nawaz. Ustad Shakoor Khan was the grand nephew of Ustad Bande Ali Khan Beenkar who composed numerous Bandishes by his pseudo name "Sabras".Ustad Mahoob Bahksh Khan and Ustad Aajiz Pia were Mashkoor Ali's great grand fathers. This family tree shows that he has a distinguished line of elders who reigned supreme in the world of music. As such, he has inherited a veritable treasure of compositions and rare knowledge of Ragas which few musicians can boast of, but Mashkoor Ali, as true heir of his renowned forefathers and fine scholars of music continues to collect rare collections passionately and fine scholars of music still continues to collect rare collections passionately and thus his riches are bountiful.  Initiated and trained by his father for fifteen years, young Mashkoor Ali had secured a place for himself in the world of music even before his father breathed his last. Now a Guru of Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata, He has performed in numerous festival and conferences all over the country and abroad.

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