Introducing: Melodic Intersect

Melodic Intersect is an ongoing music project that brings together a diversity of musical styles, cultures,and disciplines. It features collaborations from a rotating ensemble of talented musicians thoughtfully integrating rhythm and melody from genres such as Jazz, North Indian Classical, Rock, Eastern and Western Folk, and many more.

Melodic Intersect has just released two new albums: Inner Vision and Global Vision. Click the album art to view in iTunes.





Enayet Hossain - Tabla (Founder)
Hans Utter - Guitar (Founder)
Greg Hatza - Keyboard
Tarun Bhattacharya - Santoor
Hidayat Khan - Sitar
Shakir Khan - Sitar
Avirodh Sharma - Percussion
Saleiman Azizi - Tabla
Nabeel Riaz - Tabla
Humayoon Popal - Harmonium / Vocals
Mahroof Sharif - Keyboard
Indradeep Ghosh - Violin


Production credits:

Inner Vision
Producer: Enayet Hossain

Global Vision
Producers: Enayet Hossain, Hans Utter, Miskut Wiggins
Assistant Producer: Mathew Poovan
Sound Engineer: Miskut Wiggins

For more information visit the Melodic Intersect website and follow on Facebook here.